Top 5 Best Places to Stay When In Texas

Being the US second-largest city, Texas, is a state that brims with many opportunities for adventure. From attractive geographic features to cultural diversity, the country has a myriad of things to do and visit. The mountains, coastal beaches, desert, and other endless possibilities are waiting for a tourist. 

There are also various metropolitan centers such as Austin and Dallas. For nature lovers, you can find solace in the national parks, seashores or best in the Gulf of Mexico. If you’re visiting Texas, here are the top five places to spend your time in:

i. San Antonio

Most locals in Texas will say the tales of San Antonio being the best destination in Texas state, and indeed we agree with them. The best part of San Antonio is the trolley tour which shows you the dynamic nature of the city. The nearby San Antonio river walk is the best scenery to rejuvenate, especially after a long day’s tasks. The urban waterway crosses the capital; explore it via foot, bike, or water taxi.

Along the way, make a stopover at Alamo Plaza and learn the history and culture o the mission and the roles it played during the Texas revolution. Other notable features include Spanish frontier missions and the San Antonio mission national park.

ii. Waco 

The second-best destination in Texas in Waco. It’s one of the favorite hanging spots and boasts of wildlife and historical cruises which are popular among tourists and locals alike. Enjoy sightings of wildlife like turtles and bluer herons along the way. The Magonia market is in the middle of Waco and is the best stop for homeware. Other top spots include the Dr. Pepper museum where you’ll find Texas’ most popular soda.

iii. Rockport 

Rockport is a prime spot to visit in Texas, especially for visitors who enjoy fishing. There are also many exquisite rentals in the town. Go straight to Rockport Beach and enjoy fishing for speckled trout or flounder from the sea. The Fulton Mansion is a historic building which was built in the 19th century and is best for historians.

iv. Luckenbach

If you would like to reignite the old memories a bit, then Luckenback is your best destination. It is a town which boasts of regular country music performances combined with Texas wildflowers for sale at the city. The surrounding state park is home to wild animals such as buffaloes and white-tailed deer.

v. Marfa 

While in Texas, don’t forget to visit Marfa and enjoy its western landscapes and upcountry designs. The once unknown place is now one of the most famous in America, especially for gallery collections. Take pictures at the Kruger Gallery, Chinati Foundation and the Ballroom. Rekindle those memories later on when you visit with your loved ones.

Texas is a top spot for domestic and international tourists. Find the best towns to stay in our guide above and tour these sceneries to enjoy them.

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